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Use and refine the Requst Writing Dictionary

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Application Drafting Dictionary

Dictionaries are different. We came up with another one - the Dictionary of Proposals. We will be asked Why, because there is Google? We answer - google on the statistical path. Found something-pro-indexed. You asked the question - you indexed a list of sites. And how to make an application, and so that your assistants and sellers unambiguously understood you? It turns out that it's easy to make a dictionary, using which manufacturers importers without any Google index their products in a dictionary, which the buyer will easily use. As proof, let us cite one fact: the goods in each accounting system are called in different ways and no accountant has been punished for typos or liberties of the set. I had to meet even this - Ikra in Ukrainian looks like IKPA, and the last word is typed in Latin letters. .

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